How do I comment on Patch?


Want to get involved in the local discussion?

Here's how:

1. Log in via Disqus, Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

2. Choose your favorite login method and begin commenting!

Yes, it's that easy!

Verification: All users must sign in with an authenticated email address and/or social media account in order to comment. You must also verify your account via Disqus, or your comments will end up in the pending queue and will not be visible. To get your comments up and visible, be sure to verify your account. 

Voting: Commenting now includes up- and down-voting. Up-voting means you like and support the comment, and enough upvotes will make this comment popular and more visible. Conversely, down-voting a comment will push it further down the page, away from the main content. 

Please reserve down-voting for comments that detract from the discussion, are off-topic, or are inappropriate. Disagreeing with someone isn't a reason to down-vote if the comment is civil! If you need to, you can check out Patch's Terms of Service.

And no, you can't up- or down-vote your own comments. 


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