What are the Patch posting rules?


1. Keep it local!
Readers come to Patch for local news, to learn about local happenings and to discuss local issues. So keep it local and we’re all good!
2. No commercial content. 
Ads go through the advertising department, not on our boards. (Click here to advertise with us.) Don’t promote commercial content on the boards or you’ll get the hook.
3. No abusive content. 
Posts containing abusive or defamatory content will be deleted and the offending user banned. Thanks for keeping the boards civil.
4. Be awesome. 
We put our best board posts in our daily newsletters and promote them to the front page. We love great writing and content that is valuable to your neighbors, and we’re always looking for great writing we can spread to the wider world.
P.S. post items for sale or trade on the Local Deals and Classifieds page. We put those in our daily newsletter too. Community discussions and events go on the Bulletin Board.
And don't forget to like and follow your local Patch on Facebook and Twitter
Thanks for reading and posting to the Patch!

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