How do I post an Event?


Who knows better about the local events and happenings around town than the residents? We invite you to post on Patch and are glad to announce that posting is now easier than ever.

Do you have a calendar event you want to share with the community? Here's how:


1. First things first: Apply for an account.

2. If you already have an account, then continue on to your My Patch Portal and choose 'event':


3. Give your event a title: 

4. Do you want to share it nearby? It is free to share it to the three closets Patches, but you must feature it to gain access to Patches outside this range. It is $20 per Patch to feature an event.

5. Is your event a one-time thing or ongoing?


6. Tell people where it is:


7. Upload a photo:


8. Tell us a little bit about it:


9. If you click 'Save as Draft', this will allow you to come back and edit your event posting before you publish it. If you click 'Post Now', it will publish and you check it out on Patch! 



We're excited to have you join us in bringing the best local news and event information to your neighbors! Check back often to see what's going on around town.


*At the current time, businesses can only post featured events. The cost for a business is $50 per Patch*

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